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University of Ottawa uses Edusync to discuss online videos with their students across various faculties
Wilfrid Laurier University uses Edusync to review online videos with their film studies students
University of Illinois at Chicago uses Edusync to discuss online videos with their students

Share a video. Spark a conversation.

Edusync lets you and your students discuss videos online just like you would in a classroom

Edusync video review dashboard for blended learning and distance education
Edusync lets you visualize student engagement on videos for blended learning Professors can assign due dates to online videos and treat them like assignments on Edusync Export student feedback and comments on videos to PDF from an online video

Improve how you use video in the classroom

Easily see student engagement levels on blended learning video content

Visualize Student Engagement

Use the visual heatmap to see where students are engaging with videos.

Enforce deadlines and due dates on video content for distance and blended learning

Enforce Due Dates

Easily highlight (or disable) comments submitted after your assignment due date.

Export student feedback from online videos to a document

Export Comments for Grading

You and your students can easily export comments to a print-ready PDF for offline reviewing.

Tools that make it easy to manage your students online and in the classroom

Discuss videos online like in a classroom

Work in Real-Time, Just Like in Real Life

Import and manage students on online videos easily

Import and Manage Students Effortlessly

Manage videos for classes online

Manage Videos for All Your Classes in One Place

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Edusync teacher testimonial 1

"I can see how engaged students really are"

I had a hard time figuring out how engaged my students were. I really enjoyed Edusync's comment heatmap, which gives me a quick at-a-glance overview of what specific moments sparked their interest.

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"Edusync saves me hours a week"

Edusync has saved me countless hours of work. This tool has made it very easy to incorporate videos into lessons and see what content to focus on in to my next lesson.

Edusync is trusted by students and educators worldwide